Mushroom Double Swiss Burger

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To those of you who think vegetarian burgers are ‘run of the mill’, think again! Despite only having a few ingredients, this little baby packs more flavour than you would have thought and is truly exceptional. Whether you are vegetarian or a fully fledged carnivore, I strongly urge you to try. The robustly flavoured and [...]

Mediterranean Lamb Burger

Here in Australia, it is summer and lamb is all around. Mixed with chopped Kalamata Olives, Lemon juice and Oregano, the flavours are unmistakably mediterranean and the garlic sauce gives it a refreshing extra zing. Served on toasted turkish bread, this could the best burger recipe for lamb that I have ever tasted. Ingredients 500g [...]

BBQ Pork Burger with a Spicy C...

A classic combination of coleslaw, spicy BBQ sauce and pork. This great pork burger recipe is made with pork meat and bound with BBQ sauce. This theme is then taken to the condiments and burger toppings where the BBQ sauce is added to the mayonnaise to create a coleslaw that is slightly smoky and incredibly [...]