Welcome to Burgasmic. This site is dedicated to bringing to readers from all around the world, the best burger recipes.

I have worked in the food industry for 10 years and have developed burgers for a number of companies around Australia and have consulted internationally on matters concerning burgers. I am the Managing Director of a family owned, award winning meat company that produces tens of thousands of burger patties every week.

I have obtained a number of degrees in Physiology including a BA(Hons) and a PhD from the University of Oxford.

Additionally, I have completed the Le Cordon Bleu Master of Arts in Gastronomy for which I was awarded scholarships from the Australian Association of Food Professionals and the Culinary Trust (part of the IACP). I have also completed training in Smallgoods making and Food Microbiology and I am a certified Food Safety Auditor. I am currently completing an MBA.

In 2008, I was awarded the South Australian Premier’s Food Awards Young Leader Award.

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